public protocol RowAdapter : _RowAdapter

RowAdapter is a protocol that helps two incompatible row interfaces working together.

GRDB ships with four concrete types that adopt the RowAdapter protocol:

To use a row adapter, provide it to any method that fetches:

let adapter = SuffixRowAdapter(fromIndex: 2)
let sql = "SELECT 1 AS foo, 2 AS bar, 3 AS baz"

// [baz:3]
try Row.fetchOne(db, sql: sql, adapter: adapter)
  • addingScopes(_:) Extension method

    Returns an adapter based on self, with added scopes.

    If self already defines scopes, the added scopes replace eventual existing scopes with the same name.



    public func addingScopes(_ scopes: [String : RowAdapter]) -> RowAdapter



    A dictionary that maps scope names to row adapters.